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Before submitting a support ticket you agree that the ticket you are submitting is not covered by any of the following information. We are having hundreds of support tickets with duplicate issues we already explained, so please only contact us if you have tried all steps we have available and listed on our website.
  • I don't know how to access streams.
  • You can access streams by using the details emailed to you, we have a full platforms page which includes tutorials on setting up our new apps on iOS, Android, Kodi, MAG, etc.
  • Do you have a web player like the old SportsDonkey?
  • We do have a web viewer called playutv.com however this has limited functionality and does not work in Smart TV browsers (use apps for this). Our support team is really busy helping out with other issues, but a new web player which is similar to the old SportsDonkey is under development.
  • I have not received any login details
  • This is the biggest issue causing confusion, SportsDonkey 2.0 has two layers of authentication. The first is for our members area which is for logging into all services on the sportsdonkey.ru website (including the aforementioned new webplayer - NOT THE CURRENT.) The second layer of authentication is for accessing streams on any other platform, these are your xtream credentials. These are the details you received after transferring to Universal Sports (Before the 1st of November) and registering on SportsDonkey 2.0 (After the 1st of November.) If you have already transferred to Universal, you can use your existing credentials.
    How do I request my login details again?
    It is simple, you just need to go to the members area, go to your products/services and click on your service. From there in the Actions box press "Resend my Login Details" and they will appear in your email. Make sure your email address is correct before sending the reminder, you can check that is correct by going to your Account Settings.
  • I don't know my username to transfer
  • This is simple, go to sportsdonkey.club and press My Account. You can find your username there.
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