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SportsDonkey 2.0 is now here! The time has came for SportsDonkey to get a makeover, we've been working hard for the last 6 months to bring you improved mobile apps, a new kodi addon, xtream codes support, a new website and our brand new web player is coming soon.

Have you already transferred to Universal? Your account is already on SportsDonkey 2.0 and you don't need to do anything.. Did you not get the memo about Universal? That's fine, just fill out the 2.0 Registration Form and you are good to go.

If you are a new customer or an existing customer with an expired account you will need to order a new service. If you have moved to Universal in the past you will have an account, if you do not you will need to create a new account with us.

Register for SportsDonkey 2.0* * You need to have an active service on SportsDonkey 1.0

We support all popular platforms, check them out below.

What are Platforms?

SportsDonkey supports a wide variety of platforms, which means that you will be able to access any streams offered on nearly any device, whether it be iOS, Android, Fire TV Sticks, Kodi, MAG, etc.

Click on the name of the addon you wish to use to read a full tutorial on how to install the specific addon you require.

You don't support x platform?

Please make a support ticket to voice your demand for a platform that we do not list.

MAG250/254 Micro set-top box is a very popular solution combining the widest technical capabilities demanded by broadband operators with unrivalled user-friendliness for end consumers interested in interactive digital TV.

Supporting video streaming, video on demand, and HD quality for digital channels (Full HD 1080р), MAG250/254 meet all up-to-date requirements for multimedia solutions.

All services are available on MAG 250 set top boxes. Once you get a subscription, you can use it for both web and set top box access to channels and movies. We allow simultaneous usage of the website and set top box, so you can watch 2 different channels in the same time, using one subscription.

If you already got the box, you can use it with our service without any extra charges and fees (You still need to have an subscription).

If you do not have the box yet, you can get it directly from the manufacturer, distributors in your region, or from any other shop or website. We do not supply MAG boxes at the moment.

Step 1 – Authenticate Mag Mac Address

You need to login to your account on the website first to do this!

Once inside add your MAG mac address and click "Add new MAG device" button.

Step 2 – Configure your MAG device

Server Portal -

How to Install universalsportstv on Mag 250/254

Go into Inner Portal

Power cycle your box and hold 'gear' button on the remote while box is loading. Gear button is in the middle of the second line of buttons, going from the top of remote.

Go into settings

As you are in the inner portal, press 'gear' button on the remote again to get into settings menu.
Note: There is a settings menu gear icon in the portal also, this is the wrong menu. You need the one that is accessed by gear button on the remote

Select 'Servers' option

Type into Portal 1 URL or Portal 2 URL field
You can connect USB keyboard to the box or use virtual keyboard (keyboard button on the remote)
Select and press 'OK' button to save the changes

Power cycle your box

Now box will load up universalsportstv set top box portal

FAQ 1: Your STB is blocked - Call the Provider

Authenticate your mags device mac address in the field above. (Example: 00:00:00:00:00:00) - (You need to login to your account on the website first to do this!)

From your android device, go to and install the Universal TV ANDROID APK App.

Once your app is installed, just login with your Username and Password and your are good to go.

Direct Android APK download Link Download Android App Version 2.1.3



Step 1 – Enable apps from unknown sources

-From your Amazon Fire Stick home screen go to Settings and then to Device.

-Go to Developer Options.

-Enable Apps from Unknown Sources. Click Yes on the warning.


Step 2 – install downloader app on amazon fire tv stick or box

-Go back to Amazon Fire TV home screen and scroll to the Search option (top right, right beside the Home option).

-Type in Downloader in the keyboard which shows up, or click the microphone button and say “Downloader”

-Once you have typed in Downloader scroll down, make sure Downloader word is highlighted and press the Select button (center circle) on the remote.

-On the next screen, select Downloader and then on the next screen press Get.

Step 3 -After you open the Downloader app, highlight the text box and click on it, then type in the link below to download our app to download the app for your device
Note:  For Amazon Devices, Shield and Android Devices select the APK file.

Step 4 -After you download the APK file, install it by clicking Install in the lower right corner.

-After it's installed, click Open

-Once you open it, type your username and password which was you requested to be emailed to you after purchase.

-Done. Enjoy!


Amazon Devices, Shield and Android Devices Install Instructions

Step 1 – Enable apps from "Unknown Sources"
-From your Amazon Fire Stick home screen go to "Settings" and then to "My Fire TV".
-Go to "Developer Options".
Enable Apps from Unknown Sources. Click Yes on the warning.

Step 2 – install the "Downloader App" on amazon fire tv stick or box
-Go back to Amazon TV home screen and scroll to the "Search Magnifier Glass"  (top menu left side next to the Home option).
Type in "Downloader" in the keyboard which shows up, or click the microphone button and say "Downloader"
-Once you have typed in "Downloader" scroll down, make sure Downloader word is highlighted and press the Select button (center circle) on the remote.
-On the next screen, select Orange Icon "Downloader" and install the "Downloader App".





Step 3 – How to download the Universal TV app
-After you open the "Downloader app", highlight the text box and click on it, then type the link below:
– Click the Link for Fire Stick and Fire TV




Step 4 – Click download, then install
-After you download the Fire Stick / Fire TV APK file, install it by clicking "Install" in the lower right corner.
-After it's installed, "click Open"
-Once you open it, type your username and password that was given during the sign-up process
NOTE: Your username and password to log into the website is different from the one you will use for the TV App. If you don't know your TV app user name and password, go back to the site you signed up at, and once you login, click on the service package you ordered, then click on "Service Details" your username and password for the TV app will be there.

Remember if you are having issues, please contact support by creating a ticket when you log into the website.

Apple users can use any internet browser on their phone/tablet/device and just log in at
Here are some dedicated IOS apps you can download

NOTE: You will need your M3U Url. This can be found in your back office after you login at client area

First Recommended app is IPTV Smarters (download below)

  1. Download the IPTV Smarters app
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. Enter the following into the app under the username and password field.

    Another great IOS App is GSE Pro (download below)

1. Download GSE Pro IPTV from the App Store
2. Click on the upper left menu button to open the settings
3. Select Remote Playlists
4. Tap the "+" symbol
5. Select "Add M3U URL"
6. Name the playlist Universal Sports
7. For the M3U playlist link (login like we posted above) or type in the following URL, replacing the Username and Password with your own:
Replace "YOUR USERNAME" and "YOUR PASSWORD" with your actual username and password
8. Choose "Add"
9. Go to Main Menu
10. Tap EPG (XMLTV Format) and choose EPG Program Guide
11. Tap the "+" symbol
12. Add Remote EPG Source
13. In the EPG name field call it Universals Sports
14. EPG Source Link is
15. Click "Add" To watch Live TV you can use the Remote Playlist or use the EPG.
16. Done

We have an app for Windows Computers. 

Step 1. Download the Windows app from 
NOTE: The Windows app will prompt a warning. Just go ahead and install, it will not harm your computer.

You can also use our Web Player from any browsers, just go to and login with your username and password. 

How to install Universal Sports IPTV on Kodi:

**Step 1** – Launch Kodi
**Step 2** – Click the settings icon   
**Step 3** – Click System settings
**Step 4** – Hover over Add-ons menu item and turn on Unknown sources if not already on
**Step 5** – Click back on remote to go back to the System page
**Step 6** – Click File Manager
**Step 7** – Click Add source
**Step 8** – Click <None>
**Step 9** – Type the following URL exactly how it is listed here – and click OK
**Step 10** – Highlight the box under the source that you just typed in and enter a name for this media source, type any name you would like to identify this source as and click OK
**Step 11** – Click your back button on remote or keyboard until you are back at the Kodi home screen
**Step 12** – Click Add-ons menu item
**Step 13** – Click the small “open box” icon at the top left side of the page under the “Add-ons heading”  
**Step 14** – Click Install from zip file
**Step 15** – Click on the name you assigned the media source in the previous step
**Step 16** – Click file
**Step 17** – Wait for the Repository add-on enabled message to appear
**Step 18** – Click Install from Repository
**Step 19** – Click Universal Sports Repository
**Step 20** – Click Video add-ons
**Step 21** – Click UTV addon
**Step 22** – Click Install
**Step 23** – Wait until you see UTV IPTV Add-on installed message
**Step 24** – Enter your  IPTV username and password when prompted

Improve UTV IPTV Performance On Kodi
If you experience performance problems such as Kodi locking up when playing various channels, try the following.

1. Go to the home screen of Kodi
2. Click the settings icon   
3. Click Player settings
4. Go to the bottom of the left-side panel and change the Basic mode to Advanced
5. Hover over Videos
6. Move over to the right side of the screen and find the “Processing” header
7. Turn OFF “Allow hardware acceleration” for all option that is currently on
8. Change Enable HQ scalers for scaling above to 10%
9. Go back into Kodi Solutions and enjoy smooth playback

Here is an easy to follow tutorial that will show you how to install VLC Player on your PC.

Watching live HD IPTV on your computer has never been easier.

  1. Download VLC Media Player
  2. Install VLC Media Player
  3. Click on the m3u URL link That Your Authorised Re-Seller Has sent you and download the file.
  4. Locate the file on your PC, it should be in your ‘Downloads’.
  5. Right-click on the file and choose ‘Open with’ and ‘VLC Media Player’.
  6. This should open up your file via VLC and give you access to all our channels.

Dreamlink setup
Obtaining Mac Address from the device:

Let the STB Boot Up
Finish any update that it may find.
It will bring you to the server menu (where you enter portal information)
Press the Exit button on the remote and click on OK.
This will bring you to the main DOL screen, the MAC address in upper right corner

You will need the Mac address when subscribing to our service (if you choose to have it on the dreamlink box)

1) In Dreamlink On Line (DOL) go to Settings

2) Press the green button on your remote to pull up the edit option

3) for the portal name use "UTV IPTV or any name you want to use"

4) for the portal URL use any of the following:

Please get this Port URL from the website you joined from

Samsung Or LG ONLY!! (Smart IPTV APP)

How to add your m3u URL to your Smart IPTV App (SIPTV APP)

First of all, you need to load an app called Smart IPTV APP to your tv from Google Play Store. Make sure to activate it first (you will get a free 7-day trial)
If you can't find the app on your TV, you will manually need to load the app to your TV. Below is a guide on how to do that.


Samsung Smart TV - Manually Load the Smart IPTV App to your Samsung Smart TV - Click Here
LG TelevisionsManually Load the Smart IPTV App to your LG TV - Click Here

Login in to your account on our website and click "My Services" Then click on the service package you ordered, Then click on "Service Details"
In this section, you will see the info for M3U URL  and also EPG URL (this is the TV Guide Info)

Let’s get started:

Log on to

Add external playlist links (URLs)

Input your MAC Address into “MAC” section. This will appear on screen of app.

After that copy m3u_plus URL from the "Your Service Info" Email, paste your m3u_plus URL into “Link” section and then press “Add Link” button.

All done!

In this tutorial, we will explain you step by step how to setup Universal Sports on MYTV Online on Formuler Z7+.

Option #1 with MAC address (MAG/STB)
1. Open MYTV Online

2. Edit Service > Click Edit
Important: Be sure you register with your right MAC Address.

3. Enter Service Nickname (Example: Universal Sports or Anything)

4. Enter UTV  Mag URL:
**Below is a list of our Available Portal URL's:**

Please check the website you signed up at for the Portal URL

5. Click OK.

6. Connecting to UTV Server MAG in progress.

7. Successful Connection! You receive all channels associated with your account.

8. Now everything is ready and you can start watching Live TV.


Option #2 with Streamline (M3U Link)

Please download and use the FreeTV Pro app from the Market.

You can enter your own m3u list from that app (the one provided on your service detail email or from your website account).
M3U can be loaded from USB or URL.

Sports Donkey is fully compatible with any xtream tv codes application that lets you access live TV content using your account. We recommend using IPTV-Smarters Player, this application is available in Apple Store and works on iPhone and iPad.

How to Install:
  • Install IPTV-Smarters
  • Run the application and type in the server prompt
  • Enter the credentials emailed to you sign in (not your Members Area login)

Sports Donkey is fully compatible with any xtream tv codes application that lets you access live TV content using your account. We recommend using XCIPTV Player, this application is available for any Android 5.0 or higher phone or tablet.

How to Install:
  • Install XCIPTV Player
  • Run the application and type in the server prompt
  • Enter the credentials emailed to you sign in (not your Members Area login)

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