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SportsDonkey 2.0 is now here! The time has came for SportsDonkey to get a makeover, we've been working hard for the last 6 months to bring you improved mobile apps, a new kodi addon, xtream codes support, a new website and our brand new web player is coming soon.

Have you already transferred to Universal? Your account is already on SportsDonkey 2.0 and you don't need to do anything.. Did you not get the memo about Universal? That's fine, just fill out the 2.0 Registration Form and you are good to go.

If you are a new customer or an existing customer with an expired account you will need to order a new service. If you have moved to Universal in the past you will have an account, if you do not you will need to create a new account with us.

SportsDonkey 2.0 Registration

Please fill out the form below and your account will automatically be transferred from SportsDonkey 1.0 to 2.0, your SportsDonkey email and password will be used to create a billing account and we will email you brand new details. If you've got any questions do not hesitate to create a support ticket. This form will close on 01/02/2020.
For the first stage of the transfer you will be required to enter your SD username and password, after successfully transferring your account you will be prompted with the email which was connected to your SD account to login to our members area to get your xtream login details. If you need any help click here to make a support ticket and make sure you use the transfers department.
Once you have registered for SportsDonkey 2.0 you will need to use the details we send to your email to use any of our apps, your SD details (email and password, not your username) will be used for accessing our members area.
This can be updated later by contacting our support team.

SportsDonkey 2.0 Registration FAQ

What are FAQs?

Faqs are common questions asked regarding SportsDonkey 2.0.

SportsDonkey has redesigned its systems to allow for better quality streams and app support.

This error occurs when our system can't find an active subscription for your SD account, if you believe this is a mistake submit a support ticket.

This occurs when you have already transferred your account, this is not a login form. Login by going to the members area.

This happens when an account can't be found for your user, please contact support.

If you have not automatically received your welcome email you will need to login to your account and go to Services > My Services > SD Members (Your active service) > Actions > Send my Login Details

You will be reminded of this information once you transfer your account over, there is no way to be reminded by the transfer system once your account has been ported over. Please submit a support ticket with your SD username and we will be able to remind you of your email address.

Until we've fixed all the problems that will arise, you can access both SportsDonkey 2.0 and 1.0. We will announce a date of SD 1.0's closure once we're happy that enough users have moved over.

We will generate an invoice a week before you're due to renew, we will renew at the price you select on the form however as we have a new system we will not automatically charge you. If you're not happy with the prices for any reason or which to change plan please contact SportsDonkey support.

You need to get the credentials from My Account/Members Area by sending yourself a new welcome email or through the navigation on the services page if you have not already received them. To access this page login and go to Services > My Services > SD Members > Actions > Send my Login Details or use the buttons shown within page to configure your account.

Our old apps will no longer be compatible with SD 2.0, you will be required to setup these by following the tutorials in our Knowledgebase and on our Platforms page.

Registering your account on SportsDonkey 2.0 is designed to be easy, but sometimes it can become confusing so here's a quick guide on how you can transfer your account over from the old SD systems.

  1. Get your SD login details (username and password) then enter them in the transfer form above.
  2. Press the submit button, the page will reload and a success box will appear. This box will include the linked email to your account and a link to the members area.
  3. Using the email within this box and the password entered previously on the members link enter these login details.
  4. If you have not already received your IPTV login details or want to change your details go to "Services" then the "My Services" tab
  5. Go to your "SD Members" service (Your only active service)
  6. Press the "Send my Login Detailsl" button under Actions on the left hand side.
  7. You may now change these details by pressing IPTV Service Details or find out how to setup your account by going to the setup guide.

If you do not know your details contact SportsDonkey through the old website and we will help you find the details you move.

We had to make a change to the way the system worked to avoid duplicate usernames. We've added a random 1-2 digit number to all user accounts. If you wish to change this please contact support and we can recreate your account and resend your credentials.

If you have 2 or more SD accounts with the same email, you can load two subcriptions onto the same account by transferring them both or changing the email on one of the SD accounts. If you want separate billing accounts, after changing the email wait for 3 days before trying to allow our system cache to update or you can contact support who can separate your services.

We're aware some people renewed while the SD/Universal systems have been down, please contact our support who can sync your renewal date manually. If your renewal is not due before 15/11/2019 contact support and we can update it for you.

Sports Donkey is fully compatible with any xtream tv codes application that lets you access live TV content using your account. We recommend using IPTV-Smarters Player, this application is available in Apple Store and works on iPhone and iPad.

How to Install:
  • Install IPTV-Smarters
  • Run the application and type in the server prompt
  • Enter the credentials emailed to you sign in (not your Members Area login)

Sports Donkey is fully compatible with any xtream tv codes application that lets you access live TV content using your account. We recommend using XCIPTV Player, this application is available for any Android 5.0 or higher phone or tablet.

How to Install:
  • Install XCIPTV Player
  • Run the application and type in the server prompt
  • Enter the credentials emailed to you sign in (not your Members Area login)

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